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I am a Beachwood resident currently working towards my Masters in Public Health Nutrition. I am married to a wonderful man and we have 3 beautiful cats.
I am an equal opportunity food lover with a passion for healthy and delicious food.  While I love cooking at home, I equally love going out for date night with my husband.  We will celebrate 2 years of marriage this October. We have lived in Beachwood for over 7 years and enjoy dining all over Beachwood and surrounding areas. In the past, when we went out for dinner, I found myself ordering the same “type” of foods each time. It was either a salad or plain fish, and always with things “on the side.”  So to spice up my plate and my palate, I have been asking our server to surprise me with something “Healthy & Delicious”  Some plates have been “Healthy & Delicious” and some have been  delicious, but not necessarily healthy. But that is the fun of it, what does “Healthy & Delicious” mean to you? My opinion of “Healthy & Delicious” is mine and does not replace the advice of a registered dietitian or medical doctor. I am not receiving compensation for my opinions and my opinions are not those of the Patch or its editors.
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