Dog Adoption: Sophia's Story – From Horror to Hope

Do you have a lap where she can cuddle?

Sophia's world was a cage about the size of four legal size pieces of paper, and her life consisted of being nearly bred to death. In her short life she must have given birth to over 45 puppies. Most of which were sold as "designer dogs" at about $1,000 each. The unlucky few remained behind to join their mother, to be bred and perpetuate the horrid cycle.

Thanks to volunteers and rescue groups Sophia and a truck load of dogs were taken and given a chance at life. She has been fully vetted and had extensive dental work (she was missing more than 30 teeth due to poor nutrition and over-breeding).

Sophia is adapting better than can be expected. She has gained weight and has started wagging her tail, although she will probably always walk in circles – the outline of her former world.

She is just 5 years old and will make someone with a loving heart and warm lap a wonderful companion. She is timid outside and needs someone who does not walk a lot or have loud younger children. She loves other dogs and cats.

For more information about Sophia or the other two puppy mill rescues – Rose, a Yorkie, or Dorothy a Shih tzu,  contact Threasa Graley at 216-466-3946 or thepetsociety@sbcglobal.net

teresa May 18, 2012 at 10:58 PM
Thank you for a story on our Sophia sophia is making adequate progress daily she just loves to be outside in the sun and she loves to explore the nature if you have a garden full of life she would love you sophia is happy she shows it daily she will once in awhile give me a peck on my hand as thank you she actually does well around children she really would like home i know there is a special person out there for her and the many other mill dogs
Katherine Kurkov May 19, 2012 at 12:57 PM
If you know of a person who is not very active, yet loves dogs you should tel them about her. She will never tug on a leash and thinks that being in a living room or small garden/ patio like the whole world. She is such a sweetie!


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