Summer Reading Lists For Kids: Author James Patterson Teams With Patch

Bestselling author James Patterson has teamed with Patch to share his summer reading picks for kids, from picture books for young ones to young adult fare for teens.

Looking for some great books for your kids to read during their summer break?

Bestselling Author James Patterson is here to help! Patterson is a Patch fan, and he's teamed up with Patch to offer his suggestions for summer reading for kids, from picture books for toddlers to popular young adult fare for teens. Learn more by watching the attached video, which features Patterson talking about the reading lists.

Click the links below to find the age-appropriate list for your child. Of course, these are just guidelines, and feel free to explore all the lists and find books your child might like.

If you're looking for the books, there's no better place to look than .

Without further ado, the reading lists:

Did you have fun reading these books with your kids? Were your kids engaged with the stories? Are there other books that should make it to the list? Share your reading experiences with us and post a comment below!


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