Cribbs Twitter Rant: Justified? You Tell Us

Josh Cribbs used profanity in a Tweet after seeing fans bash the Browns after the 34-12 loss to the Denver Broncos. The Plain Dealer reported that he later deleted the tweet.

Everybody likes to vent and after Sunday's loss to the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns fans weren't alone in the habit. 

The fans were especially critical of Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Josh Cribbs after a fumble and a penalty. 

Cribbs had a few words to share in response on Twitter.

The Plain Dealer reported that Cribbs tweeted from his @JoshCribbs16 account, 

"I see all the negativity on twitter after I gave my life to this (stuff)," he Tweeted. "So 2 all u who are against me (Expletive) all y'all. I'm still gonna do me!"

He later deleted the post, but continued to complain Sunday night: 

"Yea I had a moment smh..... wooossssahhh aiiight man I 4got each day there are a new breed of haters out there disguised as fans!"

One blogger on Rant Sports recommended Cribbs not even have a Twitter account. 

Fans have tweeted in response -- some in support including Iron Chef and Cleveland restauranteur Michael Symon, some not so supportive. We've shared some of those tweets in the photo gallery. 

What do you think about his tweets?


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