Students Recognized at Beachwood School Board

Superintendent awards wrestlers, Academic Challenge team members

Superintendent Rich Markwardt recognized several students at Monday's meeting.

Four wrestlers placed at the state tournament: Sammy Gross, David Shapiro, Grant Blumenthal and Ryan Harris. Blumenthal was unable to attend the meeting.

The district's Academic Challenge teams were also recognized for their first-place win on the television series last weekend, which ranks them second in the league. The team is also ranked first in Ohio and eighth in the nation in the Knowledge Master Open.

According to the district website, the high school team includes Scott Remer, Lizzi Bream, James Starkman, Jay Rajan, Ryan Reilly, Rachel Zimmerman, Tigran Askaryan, Susan Eiben, Yumi Matsuyama, Anshika Niraj, Duncan Rodriguez, Ryan Reilly, Chenyu Zhang, and Yuxi Zheng.

The fifth, sixth, and seventh grade teams also all placed in the top three, and were recognized at the meeting. From the district website: 

Grade 5 Team (1st Place in Ohio, ranked #24 nationally): 
Nathan Burke, Yardena Carmi, Joel Green, Nam Nguyen, Jared Shapiro, Jing Jing Shen, Spencer Shroge, and Brandi Simpson.

Grade 6 Team (1st Place in Ohio, ranked #55 nationally):
Max Alter, Chandler Bogomolny, Macky Davis, Spencer Hendlin, Darien Hersh, Tom Jones, Rachel Kurland, Esther Millas, Andrew Muliolis, Michael Pioro, Lily Steiger, Kyle Weisman, Bryce Westrick, Kevin Zhang, and Jinle Zhu.

Grade 6 Team: (3rd Place in Ohio, ranked #83 nationally): 
Olivia Adelman, Lance Cohen, Ben Connor, Erica Gross, Raya Holz, Emily Jenks, Karishma Lachhwani, Dinah Medovoy, Daniel Mishins, Meghan Opre, Gaby Rodriguez, Morgan Tucker, Angela Wang, Jack Zhang.


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