New Tech at Beachwood Schools Skirts the Forged Signature

Latest implementation of district's online software's feature will email parents if students miss or fail an assignment.

Remember when errant students could just forge their parent's signature on a note from the teacher? Or all the sit-coms where mischeivous students pulled out a red marker to change that 'F' to an 'A'?

Those days are as extinct as Saved By The Bell.

A feature just implemented by Beachwood City Schools will send parents email alerts if students miss or fail assignments or exhibit behavoir problems at school.

Part of the district's the alerts offer on more means of check and balances, but should not replace parent's regular involvment in their children's educations, said spokesperson Doug Levin.

"This does not take the place of parents regularly checking their child's grades on Infinite Campus and it also does not take the place of teachers being in contact with parents if they feel there is an ongoing issue," he added.

Infinite Campus also lists students' grades and assignments online, and this school year, grades 3 to 12 officially went to paperless grade cards.

To find out more about Infinite Campus and how to register and use it, go to the Beachwood City Schools website.


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