Green Dream Sees Biggest Crowd Yet

Visitors flock Beachwood Community Center for eco-friendly business expo

This year's Green Dream eco-friendly business expo looks to be the biggest ever.

student Courtney Fishman was counting attendees for just two hours at the beginning of the event and said she saw 1,500 people - and there were four hours to go.

More exhibitors - 133 - were there than ever before, and the outdoor health and wellness tent was expanded by 60 feet to hold the extra vendors. Six food trucks lined up outside, forming a food court.

"I think it's fantastic. Definitely worthwhile to attend," said Karen Shoemaker, branch manager of the . "I'm really impressed with the leadership skills and the impression that they give."

The Green Dream students were giddy toward the end of the event. "I've been really anxious for the past week," said Mayfield High School senior Victoria Henning.

"This is probably the best day of the year for me," said Brush High School student Turner Carvin. "Seven months of prepartation turned in to seven hours today. It's amazing to me what we did here."

Carvin and his classmates began preparing for today's expo on the first day of school this year. The students carry out this event top to bottom, selling booths, getting sponsorships and running the huge expo.

"This year has been awesome. Better than any class you can take," Carvin added.

Beachwood Mayor Merle Gorden was on hand at the event. "It's hard to surpass that has happened in the past," he said, "but every year, it gets bigger." 

Green Dream teacher Greg Perry commended his students for their hard work. "It's an amazing class of students that are very motivated. In addition to their business savvy, they're also very very committed to social responsibility."

The students said they would take the skills they learned this year with them."I'm not intimidated by adults," said Henning. It gives you confidence."

About a dozen in the class made a sales goal that allows them to partipate in an eco business trip next weekend. They'll travel to South Beach and tour the green Florida Marlins stadium, visit the Everglades and attend business meetings. 

Teresa Lichtcsien April 20, 2012 at 11:39 PM
I was so impressed with the Green Dream Expo.....I think they should expand it to Solon! So well run...amazing to think that High School students coordinated this from beginning to end, so impressed with how professional it was. I sampled many items, talked to alot of vendors, and purchased great tasting cookies, cupcakes, and vegan cake pops! Have a great time in South Beach....you deserve it!


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