Great Grads: Louis Rosenbaum

Chinese language student excited to travel for his career

Name: Louis Rosenbaum

Plans: He’ll attend The Ohio State University and major in International Studies.

What makes him a Great Grad: “He is very much at home with people and able to communicate a wide scope of issues that impact society,” his counselor Carolyn Beeler wrote.

Just out of  Louis has already traveled to several countries all over the world, from South Africa to Israel to Brazil.

“I think [traveling] gave me an initial love for traveling and an intitial love for learning other cultures,” said Louis. “I was fortunate to realize at an early age that not everyone lives the way I do and there’s a lot to learn from other cultures.”

But there is one country he’s been saving for a longer trip.

He’s studied Chinese in Beachwood Schools for several years and plans to take advantage of opportunities at OSU to spend an extended period of time there.

Louis has also been involved in the Junior Council on World Affairs and won the gavel (equivalent to first place) at this year's Georgetown national Model UN competition.

He’s not sure what kind of job he’ll pursue after college, but he said that he is interested in national security and government. “There are a lot of roads to go down [with this degree] which is exciting today, when jobs are so scarce.”


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