Beachwood City Schools Report Card Ranking Released

The school district's 2011-2012 data was published by the Ohio Department of Education. Find out how the district fared.

Beachwood City Schools have been rated 'Excellent' for the 13th year in a row in preliminary results released today by the Ohio Department of Education.

The district met all 26 of the report card indicators—measures like how many students scored proficient on a certain state test or attendance rate—and have a preliminary performance index of 108.8 out of 120.

The performance index, up from 107.4 for the 2010-2011 school year, measures how well students performed on state tests overall.

Middle School and Hilltop Elementary were all rated 'exellent' as well. (Bryden Elementary School is not rated because there are no statewide assessments for kindergarten through second grade.)

While the attendance rate and performance index had not been previously released, the school board got a look at the results in September.

School and district report cards are usually released at the beginning of the school year, but that timeline has been pushed back while the state auditor investigates whether some districts manipulated attendance data. Some preliminary data—without the ratings—was released in late September. The final results and the PDFs of the report cards won’t be published until the state auditor’s investigation is done, according to the Ohio Department of Education’s website


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