PolitiFact: Ed FitzGerald 'Mostly False' in First Obama Supporter Claim

Former Lakewood mayor and potential candidate for Ohio governor, FitzGerald told a group of college students he was the first Cuyahoga County official to endorse Obama.

As Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald travels the state rallying support for his possible run for Ohio governor, he's been attracting the attention of the folks at Politifact Ohio.

Recently, they checked out a claim published late last month by the Cincinnati Enquirer that FitzGerald, the former mayor of Lakewood, said he was the first Cuyahoga County official to endorse Barack Obama for president. 

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Politifact Ohio called that claim mostly false. They weren't able to prove that he wasn't the first, but neither was FitzGerald. 

Does this mean anything to you in deciding whether you think FitzGerald has a shot at the governor's seat? Tell us what you think. 


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