Legislation Would Allow Goats, Sheep at Beachwood Homes

Two ordinances would add to Beachwood's (domestic) animal kingdom

The Beachwood Planning and Zoning Commission referred to City Council two ordinances dealing with four-legged friends at Thursday's meeting.

One ordinance would allow residents to keep two goats or one sheep at homes on at least 1.1 acres of property. 

A Beachwood resident, who asked Beachwood Patch not to publish her name, asked City Council to allow goats in the city.

She said she would raise the goat for milk and to educate her children. She raises chickens, which are already allowed under the zoning code, for eggs and, occasionally, for slaughter.

The Commission has proposed that the code allow two goats because they had been told the animals are quieter in pairs. 

According to another city official who owns a farm, "One goat is constantly making noise because it's looking for a friend," said Commission Chairwoman Rochelle Hecht.

The code would not allow roosters. It would require that residents who want to raise goats notify neighbors within 500 feet of their home and that the commission hold a hearing for those neighbors.

The Commission recommended the ordinance to City Council in a 5-0 vote. Commissioners Bill Mann and Bryan Zabell were absent.

Another peice of legislation would allow a Pet Lodge USA to move into a former fur vault in Commerce Park.

Dan Kryzanowski, owner of Pet Lodge USA, told the Planning and Zoning Commission at their last meeting that the building is perfect for his headquarters and training facility, and he wants to sign a 10-year lease.

Commission members were skeptical of the proposal at the first meeting, and City Planner George Smerigan said that allowing it could set a precedent allowing other pet kennels into Beachwood.

Hecht noted that the Commission had received numerous letters from Beachwood residents and businesses in support of Pet Lodge USA.

The Commission voted 4-1 to recommend the proposal to City Council. Councilman and Commissioner Mark Wachter voted against.

Both measures must be approved by City Council to pass.

Elliot Ness February 26, 2012 at 05:59 AM
Im not surprised. People in Beachwood want it all. Now a mini farm...their to cheap to move east and have a few acres. Fits in well with Legacy Village.....hope the neighbors get used to it.....BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
bstevenb February 15, 2013 at 06:18 PM
Some detective Mr Ness. Just west of Legacy Village is an old and empty greenhouse. What Legacy does that structure suggest? FYI, Legacy VIllage is located in neighboring Lyndhurst. Impressionable youth may find your postings.Please proofread your impending response for proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, structure and content.


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