Kids' Posters Cause Stir at Polling Place

Posters depicting presidential candidates were taken down at Bryden Elementary this morning for violating the 100-foot campaign-free zone at the polling place.

Child-created posters left over from a mock election at Bryden Elementary School caused an issue this morning when the building became a polling place, a poll worker told Patch.

The posters, like the one in the photo to the right, were hanging in the hallway just inside the door to the school, violating the 100-foot "no campaign" zone required by law around any polling place.

It's unclear how many were hanging, but the Board of Elections was contacted at around 9 a.m. and school staff took them down right away.

The posters were drawn by Bryden kids during a mock election that took place at the school yesterday, district spokesperson Doug Levin said, though he was unaware that any were hanging in the hallway in question.

During the mock election, staff dressed up as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and students made the posters and voted as the learned about the democratic process.

If you're wondering, President Barack Obama won 78 percent of the kids' votes.


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