Council President Responds to High School Permit Fee Debate

Mark Mintz reads statement at Council meeting citing city support of schools

Beachwood City Council President Mark Mintz addressed recent complaints about the city’s refusal to waive $300,000 in permit fees for school renovations.

At Monday’s council meeting, Mintz read a written statement. “I am disappointed by some recent comments that have been critical of the City for charging the schools these fees.”

Mintz added that the city supports the schools in several ways: the city pays the schools to use their facilities for summer camps and recreation, spends $157,000 a year on crossing guards for the schools, and recently renovated and continues to maintain ball fields on school property.

He added that the city does not profit from the fees it charges to the school for building inspections.

“We have never waived such fees for anyone. And, if we decided to absorb such costs and didn’t charge the schools anything, it would establish a difficult precedent for other Beachwood public, nonprofit and religious institutions.”

He said he is looking into holding quarterly meetings with the schools.

Read the full text of the statement at right.

Jordan July 22, 2011 at 05:54 PM
Mr. Mintz, are you seriously stating that the city continues to pay for the upkeep of ball fields on school property? The Beachwood Middle School baseball team had one home game which was played on the highschool field because the highschool team didn't have a game because the middle school field was poorly mainted and was never in a condition to be used. Please do not make up reasons that are clearly false to justify charging our own school money. Especially while refusing to accept a donation of $62,000 for football field lights. What is going on with the Board and coucilman and women of this district? Are they really looking out for the best interest of Beachwoods citizens.
Dan July 22, 2011 at 07:36 PM
I can't believe you are forcing the schools to pay these fees. There is something very strange going on here. And Mr. Mintz what IS your view on Friday Night Lights? Is there ANY effort in which you approve of for the the schools?
evy davis July 24, 2011 at 11:22 PM
Dan - I was recently approached by Mr Mintz and asked to sign his petition to get on the ballot for relection. I asked Mr Mintz where he stood on the lights issue, his response was, "Oh are you for that? You must have a football player." I explained that I did not, but that I do support something that is good for our community. He never did answer directly.
David Orloff July 25, 2011 at 07:34 PM
Evy - i too find it completely stunning that you cannot get a direct answer to a simiple and direct question. And I find it comical that he (Mintz) wanted to assume that your comment about lights inferred that you simply had a football player. Maybe you had a band student, or a lacross player, soccer player, or maybe you generally liked the atmosphere of a Friday night game. But moreover, what would be the harm IF you did have a football player? Should he not be allowed to enjoy the special feeling of a night game? Athletics are a GOOD thing. Countless life-lessions are learned in sports. Its an asset to have both the best academics and the best athletic programs in a school. They can truly compliment one another. The issue of lights is not as one-dimensional as some would think. It can really be a win-win for the entire school body.
evy davis August 03, 2011 at 08:06 PM
David - with out being as eloquent as you, I agree with everything you have stated! That was my point when Mr Mintz approached me - you do not need a child involved in the actual sport to want to make our community/school stronger with "Friday night lights." As an involved parent who has done much good for our schools, it makes me sad that there is an "issue" with venomous undertones because the community is raising their own money for something that is good and that a majority wants. Is there a way we get this on a ballot and let the community vote?


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