Beachwood Council President Recuperating at Home

It remains unclear if or when Saul Eisen will return to council

It remains unclear if or when Saul Eisen will return to Beachwood City Council, but another member assured the public and government that he is resting at home.

"He's back home," Councilman Melvin Jacobs said of Eisen following the council meeting on Monday. "He's been in the hospital and rehab for some physical problems."

Eisen's issues remain undisclosed, but he has been absent from council for about two and a half months. In December, Council created the vice president position and named Jacobs to it as a backup for Eisen's absence.

Beachwood's city charter states that the council president must assume the mayor's duties, should he be temporarily absent or ill, but it does not say the same for the council president.

"What (Eisen's) plans are, I can't tell you," Jacobs said. "Hopefully he makes a full recovery."


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