Sneiderman Shooting: Focus Shifts to Andrea Sneiderman

Sneiderman family: We have long suspected Andrea's involvement in Rusty's death

The Sneiderman family told reporters today that they had suspected that Andrea Sneiderman was involved in Beachwood native Russell Sneiderman's death for some time,

And with Hemy Neuman sentenced to life without parole, it appears that investigators intend to turn their attention to the murdered man's widow.

Andrea Sneiderman is accused of having an affair with Neuman, and it has been alleged that she had a part in the murder of her husband.

Neuman admitted to gunning down Russell "Rusty" Sneiderman outside a daycare center in Dunwoody, Georgia, a crime that caught the eye of national media outlets, but he says that he was insane when he did it.

A jury found that Neuman is guilty but mentally ill today, meaning that his rehabilitation would likely be spent in prison, not a psychiatric institution, and a judge sentenced him to prison.


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