Shaker Heights Police Release More Details from Fatal Crash

Department confirms that Brian Horwich died in the crash and release more details about what happened last Thursday morning.

Shaker Heights Police have released more details about the car crash that took the life of 25-year-old Shaker Heights native Brian Horwich last week.


The department confirmed that Brian Horwich was the man who died in the crash on Fairmount Boulevard near Warrensville Center Road. They added that he was a passenger in the car.

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The driver and another passenger were on the scene when police reponded to the crash in the early hours of Nov. 15. Police have not released the names of the two other people in the car.

At the scene of the crash, tire tracks could be seen in the median of Fairmount Boulevard leading just to the right of a tree, at the base of which white roses had been planted, Thursday afternoon.

Police said the the investigation of the cause is still ongoing, and could not yet say whether criminal charges will be filed.


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