RTA Bus Driver's Disciplinary Record Includes Headphones, Minor Crash

The Greater Cleveland RTA released Artis Hughes' personnel file Thursday.

The RTA bus driver who was caught in a viral video uppercutting a passenger in Beachwood has three written disciplinary marks in his personnel file.

Artis Hughes has been cited by the RTA for listening to headphones while driving twice and hitting a tree with his right-side mirror, according to documents released by the RTA Thursday.

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The 22-year-veteren of the RTA has never been punished with more than a written warning.

According to the disciplinary reports, Hughes told the RTA that he was listening to the Bible on cassette the second time he was spotted wearing the earbud in January 2005.

The first time he was cited for the earbud was in August 2003.

The other written warning he received was for hitting a tree with his right side mirror, damaging it, in August 2005.

The file also contains several customer complaints and supervisory observations that did not result in formal disciplinary action. These infractions range from a running stop sign to talking too much to customers during his route to failing to display his badge while driving.

The driver was placed on unpaid suspension after video surfaced of him arguing with Shidea Lane on the bus Sept. 18. The video depicts her approaching him as he is driving. He then stops the bus and punches her, knocking her on the floor.

both misdemeanors.

They are both scheduled to be arraigned in Shaker Heights Municipal Court Nov. 6.

ralph solonitz October 26, 2012 at 01:24 PM
pretty dang good driving record for over 20 years!
Ms. Jazzy October 26, 2012 at 05:54 PM
That's all in 22 years ? Are you serious ? You can't be seriously thinking of not giving him his job back and he only had a broken mirror and head phonesof and a badge issue. Omg. You all need to look out in Cleveland because it does not seem like they are concerned about the loyal workers at all. Just my own observation ! Y'all need to check y'all selves quick ! I agree with Mr.Ralph
Ken Persuchetti January 09, 2013 at 11:30 PM
Hughes actions were indefensible. I applaud the RTA and the DA's office for doing the right thing.


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