Prosecutors Suggest Andrea Sneiderman Had Second Affair

State expects to ask Joseph Dell, a self-described friend of the Sneiderman couple, to testify; suggests that Dell and Andrea Sneiderman had romantic ties

Prosecutors revealed in court last week that they expect to call a new witness to the stand who the state alleges was having an affair with Andrea Sneiderman at the time of Rusty Sneiderman's murder, several news sources report.

Beachwood native Rusty Sneiderman was gunned down in a daycare parking lost in November 2010 by his widow's former boss. 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Prosecution Announce Plans to Call Sneiderman Companion as Witness

From 11Alive News: Sneiderman's Jail Calls to Alleged Lover

The widow, Andrea Sneiderman, faces murder charges for allegations that she manipulated her boss to kill him so she could collect $2 million in life insurance.

Now the state has collected recordings 58 phone calls between Andrea Sneiderman and Joseph Dell, who calls himself a friend of the Sneiderman couple, from the 19 days she was in jail before she posted bail.

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