Thieves Take Parts From Two Beachwood Cars

Early-morning thefts of two valuable catalytic converters reported at Beachwood apartment complex

Surveillance video depicts someone stealing catalytic converters from two cars at in Beachwood last week.

A resident called just before noon May 22 and reported that the part had been stolen from her car. While police were there, they found another car in the lot with the same piece missing.

Police said that the part is commonly stolen because it can be sold at junk yards at a high price.

Police have surveillance video that depicts one theft at 4:59 a.m. May 21. The suspect jacked the cars up and went under the vehicles to get the part, said police.

The woman discovered the piece missing after she started it and it was extremely loud, she told police. The replacement and repair totaled $1,336.

The second car’s damage was listed at $380.

Police do not have any suspects in these thefts.


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