Beachwood Mall Employee's Keys Point to Theft

Beachwood Police arrested woman after they said she left stolen goods in plain sight in her car.

The following information was supplied by the  Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

A employee was arrested by police after they say she lied to them about stealing merchandise from another mall store.

The woman, who used to work at H&M but now works at another mall store, used a dressing room and came out with two items missing, an H&M clerk told police. Later, when the H&M clerk left work, she said she spotted the former H&M employee’s car with the stolen merchandise clearly visible in the back.

The clerk called police, who came to the mall to interview the suspect. She was at her new job at the mall and told police that the car with the stolen merchandise was not hers.

However, her car keys, which she gave to police, opened the door to the car. Police said that she kept the lie going, insisting that the keys would open any vehicle of that make and model.

Police did not buy it and charged her with obstructing official business and shoplifting $33 of merchandise.

For questions about this blotter, email Nikki.Ferrell@patch.com.


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