Facebook Murder-for-Hire Conviction Gets Woman 10 Years

Christine Metter receives the maximum sentence for conspiracy to commit murder

A Beachwood, OH, woman involved in a Facebook murder-for-hire plot received the maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Christine Metter, 41,  of conspiracy to commit murder after she and her father paid an undercover detective to kill her ex-husband, David Metter.

The plot originated in a Facebook chat between Christine Metter and a high-school friend she thought might be able to help her find a hit man.

"I find an appalling lack of remorse," said Judge Eugene Lucci before handing down the sentence. "This was committed as a — not necessarily for the money...this was done more as a revenge for David Metter's persistance in looking out for his daughters." 

David Metter already had custody of the two's oldest daughter and testified that he told Christine Metter that he would work to be granted custody of the other three as well.

"It was only a matter of time that (David Metter) would prevail, and this was done to stop that. That was a heinous motive," said Lucci.

Christine Metter's defense attorney said that Metter was vulnerable to her father's suggestion.

"Instead of being a supportive father emotionally to his daughter he — for whatever reason — let his anger and his hatred of David Metter drive him to commit these events, and Christine Metter was sucked into this," said Michael Lear.

He added that Christine Metter was "victimized by her father" and asked the judge for probation or house arrest.

David Metter talked to Beachwood Patch after the hearing and said he never physically abused his ex-wife or children.

“I agree with the judge’s comments,” he said. “I’m glad he was able to see through (what Christine Metter said).”

David Metter's wife Loni added, "We've been in a relationship for three years and all I've seen is David being a loving father to his daughters. His girls love him and wanted to be with him and she did everything in her power to stop them. It's just a sad story."

Christine Metter closed her eyes briefly when Lucci sentenced her to ten years and stared down at the table in front of her for several moments.

Before sentencing, Christine Metter spoke to the judge, her voice shaky. "The past nine months have been a living nightmare with the girls and I separated."

She added, "Please, Your Honor, let me prove that I am still a very valuable asset to society."

Her sister, Elizabeth Kiley, also spoke during the hearing. 

"What I want everyone to know is that being concerned about and caring for her children is what definines Chrissy. She was thrilled to be a mother," she said.

She added that she had been in communication with Christine Metter's children. "They miss their mom. They want their mom. And they need their mom."

Her father, Al Zombory, 77, also of Beachwood,  He pleaded guilty shortly after his daughter's conviction and 

Metter was the sole beneficiary of her ex-husband's $1.5 million life insurance payout, which prosecutors alleged was one motive for the plan. Her ex-husband also testified that 

 said witness Patrick Sabo, who called police after he said Zombory offered him $50,000 to kill Metter's ex-husband.

In the chat, which was obtained by prosecutors from Facebook, Metter complained about her ex, and Sabo said, "Why don't you save your money and hire a hit man LMAO." He said he was joking, but that Metter and her father took it seriously.

Defense attorney Michael Lear's attempt to tear down Sabo's credibility during the trial, arguing that he is motivated by money and fame, did not lead to an acquittal. 

After sentencing Lear motioned for an attorney to be appointed to go through the appeal process he has already started for this trial.

Check back later for updates to this story, as well as video of the hearing.

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Benita Cirini February 23, 2012 at 08:18 PM
Seriously? ONLY 10 years for conspiracy to AGGRAVATED murder? I see no remorse this is a mean woman. I feel for her kids, she should never get them back. I feel for her ex and his family may God bless them. Sad sad sad. My prayers go out to the victims.


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