5 Ways Chess Parallels Life

Life and chess are inseparable.

Chess is similar to life in so many ways it’s uncanny. There are countless life lessons that you can learn from chess, here are just 5:

1. Get Used To Attacks

In chess it is a foregone conclusion that your opponent will attack you, its part of the game. Your opponent is seeking to destroy you by checkmating your king and winning. In order to accomplish this they must and will attack you. Life is similar. You are going to be attacked you in some form or fashion. You can’t avoid it. That’s the way life is, its part of being a member of the human race.

2. Defense Is a Must

In chess you are constantly defending your pieces or your position from attacks. That’s part of the game. If you want to win or a least have a chance to win you must defend against these attacks. Life mirrors the defenses in chess. In life you are always defending yourself against some type of attack whether it’s personal or professional.

3. Shrinking Resources

In chess as the game progresses you are faced with the loss of pieces. Whether you traded them or your opponent captures them, you have to learn how to continue the game with what you have in order to win or have a least a chance at winning.   Again life is similar. We obtain resources which we have to manage. Some people waste them others use them wisely and succeed in life.

4. Time Crunch

If you ever have the privilege of playing tournament chess you’ll find that in most cases a clock is used so the game doesn’t last all night. This means that you cannot waste time.  You have a certain amount of time to win. You must manage your time wisely.  You must evaluate the situation and make firm decisions quickly. The same can be said in life. If you want to succeed you must economize and manage your time wisely.

5. Getting Out Of Jams

In chess if you are not paying attention to the game you can get yourself into a heap of trouble fast. You’ll find yourself in a tough spot that you have to claw your way out of.  In life we get ourselves into jams on a regular basis, in relationships, finances, legal, etc. Sometimes they are self-inflicted. Other times we are over whelmed through no fault of our own. The point is simple, if you want to succeed in chess or life you must learn to deal with and get out of tough situations.

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