French students need a place to lay their heads

So this is the time that my stomach starts to churn and I sit at my computer for hours at a time sending messages to every editor of local magazine, newspapers and even all those annoying email addresses posted under your favorite local news anchors.  Yes I really sit here during the news and type in the emails and plead to them to help me spread the word about the french students coming to the USA soon and still having nowhere to stay.  This July there will be 10 french students plus their chaperon staying in the greater Cleveland area and they can only do that with the kindness of Clevelanders inviting them into their homes.
In the July group we have 3 boys and 1 girl looking for a family to call their own over the 20 day stay.  They would love to meet you and have meals, shop and get to know your family and friends.  They want to experience american living without the resort feel so they can become American for 20 days.  I have been hosting student thru World Exchange for the last 15 years and have many french children who I claim as part of our family all over France.  If you would be interested in more info on the World Exchange program contact me at Georgee182@gmail.com or call 440-653-1564.


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