No Photo is Too Small for Pics & Clips

Even if it's a shot of your cat stuck on a roof

This morning, I learned two lessons about cats.

One, if you leave your window open, and you live in a third-floor apartment, there's a good chance you'll wake up to her chilling on your roof.

You might frantically call your landlord and consider dialing 9-1-1.

Your neighbors might wonder why you've pulled your car around and are standing on top of it, cooing and holding out cat treats.

Your cat might sniff the treats, and, before you have a chance to grab her, pull away, laughing at you, and then, finally, she might find her own way down, making you feel like a fool.

You might be late for a meeting with your boss.

I digress.

Two, no photos - even cat photos - are too small for Pics & Clips. It's a neighborhood gallery where anyone can share photos with the community — for free! Show us the good your non-profit is doing, the award your kid won, or the unusual sight you saw in Beachwood today.

We want to see Beachwood photos — your pets, your kids, photos like

to see the photo of Nugget's big adventure,


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