Bites Nearby: B-Spot Burgers

Burgers, brats, beer — and bylaws

If you like meat, particularly burgers then this might “B” the place to try. The restaurant’s large wide-open space is offset by the bar, which has a smaller more intimate feel. It’s a great place for a group of people or for a dinner for two. Before you go, you should know some things. First, there are no reservations, and your whole party must be present for you to be put on the waiting list. This can give you time to go to the bar, sit on the patio, or stroll through the boutiques nearby.

When you walk in you are greeted by a list of six rules, which basically boil down to rule number two - “no whining”.

Bar snacks and sides start most dinners. Choose from porky fries, B-spot onion rings, tomato blue cheese soup and homemade beanless chili. Keep in mind that all food will be served at the same time (rule number three). As Symon says, “If you're interested in courses...ask your caddie."

The big salads are truly large, and are easily a meal in themselves. Try the Classic Wedge with blue cheese, avocado, bacon and shaved onion, or something a bit more daring like The Stripper. It’s a naked burger with romaine, blue cheese, bacon and avocado.

The burger menu is extensive, but not overwhelming. Order the burgers as described, or delete an item; there are no substitutions. Standbys include the Plain Jane (with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion), Cheeseburger, and Bacon Cheeseburger. New favorites are the Lola (with fried egg, bacon, pickled red onion, cheddar and mayo) and Symon Says (with bologna, coleslaw, whip sauce and American cheese). There are also burgers with Cheese Whiz, fried salami and shasha hot sauce.

There is a bratwurst and bologna menu section as well. Desserts and “bad a** shakes” will satisfy your sweet tooth. Look for bacon as a special ingredient in the apple pie shake. Ask your server for details, but meat and meat products, like lard, are used in foods you might not typically expect.

Happy hour specials give you a taste of the menu without the price tag. There are $2 sliders, $3 craft beer drafts and $2 Ameri-can beers. The featured beers change daily so be sure to ask. The beer list is extensive with 20 drafts ranging in flavor from light to robust.

Stop in for lunch, dinner or a snack and you’ll see why Michael Symon’s newest restaurant The B Spot can make the “A” list.


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