Pacific East Japanese Restaurant

Sushi and lots more

is a good place to visit if you want to see the Pacific East meet the North Coast East.

Their claim to the best sushi is supported by 10 reasons like super-premium short grain rice, top-grade wasabi and gold- and silver-grade nori. The sushi selections can be overwhelming to a novice. Even those well versed in the different sushi and sashimi combinations available as entrees or at the bar should ask for suggestions; there is something to please every palate.

The restaurant's reputation for great sushi may come from the sheer size of their rolls: nearly all pieces are too big for a single bite, bursting with seafood, veggies and other fillings.

The ingredients that make the sushi outstanding are often used in other menu items as well. Appetizers like agedashi-tofu, soft-shell crab tempura and chicken maki can be a good start. Order some for yourself, or go with others and get ready to pass the plates around and sample. If you’d prefer soup or salad, then in addition to the classic miso soup, there are Pacific- and American-inspired choices.

The kitchen entrees are typically served with soup and a multitude of options. Consider teriyaki, with lobster, shrimp, beef, tofu and vegetables, chicken or seafood. Another popular dish is tempura — meaning breaded and fried — shrimp & vegetable, soft-shell crab, mixed vegetables or chicken and vegetables. Agemono, and Udon noodles are also available.

If you have a limited amount to time to dip your taste buds into the Pacific, then stop in for lunch. There are many entrees to choose from, yet the selection is pared down. Spend your time eating, not reading the menu.


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