Bites Nearby: Mitchell's Ice Cream

Ice cream for all 365 days

What better time than summer for frozen treats? But visit  and you'll see how ice cream is a perfect fit for any season. 

As you open the door you'll find a cheery, large and spotlessly clean area. The aroma that greets you is the smell of fresh cream and waffle cones. Before you get to the long ice cream area look around: there are tables with coloring books and crayons, a big freezer case, a board full of choices, gift certificates and apparel.

The ice cream is the show stopper. There are usually over 20 flavors. The standards of chocolate and vanilla are always available, but often eclipsed by popular key lime pie (with real chunks of graham cracker crust), chocolate peanut butter cup and black raspberry chip. In keeping with the season there are features every month; lighter, fruitier flavors for the hot months, and cinnamon, pumpkin and egg nog for the colder holidays.

Special or signature treats like the classic banana split, sundae or parfait are all topped with your choice of nuts (including roasted pecans) and real whipped cream. There is even a treat to make OSU fans happy: the Buckeye.

No one should feel left out. There are fat-free, sugar-free and even lactose-free tasty choices. Eat them with a spoon or slurp them through a straw.

Ice cream cakes and pies make any occasion special. There are always some pre-made in the cooler that can be quickly personalized. Custom orders are taken, but you'll need to call ahead. The pies and cakes stay frozen for a surprisingly long time, but there is dry ice available for shipping or a very long drive home.


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