Bites Nearby: If You Can’t Stand the Heat ... Call DeGaetano's

Pick up the phone and have piping hot food delivered

With temperatures reaching 100 degrees today, the thought alone of standing over a hot stove tonight will make you sweat.

is ready when you are hungry for hot food. The kind you’d make at home if you had the time, talent and inclination. They are located in Village Square, in the dogleg part of the strip mall that is hard to see directly from Chagrin Boulevard.

The restaurant is small and charming, and the to-go business booms. There is nothing more exotic on the menu than artichokes or capers; this is the kind of pizza joint you remember from your childhood.

There are four types of pizza: red, white, pesto and pesto alfredo. The small size is 10 inches, medium 12 inches and a large 12-slice pie measuring 16 inches full of cheesy goodness. There is also a personal pan size but this is classic pizza; splurge, you’ll want it for leftovers tomorrow.

Along with pizza, there is also pasta. Spaghetti with marinara, linguine with clam sauce, gnocchi with asiago and fettuccine alfredo are representative dishes. They are priced in the $8-$15 range and include salad and bread.

Subs and sandwiches also reflect Italian ingredients such as red peppers, provolone and marinara. The only break from traditional food such as chicken, eggplant and veal seems to be the basket of fish and chips.

In the side dishes menu, you’ll find desserts are limited to cinnamon sticks, but there is rolled eggplant, garlic bread and half-orders of spaghetti or ravioli to have as an appetizer, or midnight snack.

Delivered, to-go or to eat-in DeGaetano’s will keep you out of the kitchen.


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