Spring is Here: Is Your Air Conditioner Ready?

Keep Cool This Summer With an AC Repair, Replacement, or Tune Up With Arco Comfort Air

Spring is finally here! So, while you are putting away those winter coats and  hats, it's time to start thinking about your air conditioner.

What is there to think about? Well, quite a lot. Brian Friedman, President of Arco Comfort Air, deals with many different AC problems at the beginning of the season, and wants to prepare you for all of them!

Why You Need an AC Tune Up

Friedman said that the main benefit of an annual tune up is to "identify and correct potential issues to prevent costly repairs. We see a lot of tune ups that can handle that and that's a major thing for people."

But, that's not all. He said there are three other hugely important benefits to having your AC tuned up:

1. To ensure safe operation of the air conditioner.

2. To extend the life of the unit.

3. To prevent utility costs from increasing by maintaining peak efficiency. If it's cleaner, it will operate more efficiently.

"It's really important to make sure they are doing the tune ups," Friedman said.

Arco's AC Repair and Replacement Options

Friedman said that when your air conditioner needs service, Arco will give you options. Instead of saying that you need to replace a certain part, he said, "We'll give you three or four different options and you can choose which way you want to go."

But, deciding between a repair or a replacement can sometimes be tough. When is it time to bid your old AC farewell?

Friedman provided four factors that should help you better decide when it's time for a replacement.

The first rule of thumb, he said, is to take the age of the equipment and multiply it by the cost of the repair. If that number equals more than $4,000, you should think about replacing.

So, for example, if the cost of the repair is $300 and your AC is over 15 years old, that would be $4,500. At that point, Friedman said, you should definitely consider replacement.

The second thing you should consider is your warranty. If your unit is over 10 years old, in most cases you are no longer protected by the manufacturer's warranty. Sometimes, too, manufacturers only give 5 year warranties, and so the cost of repair is going to be a lot more. Replacing the system at that point, he said, would be better because you will get a brand new warranty.

Another factor to keep in mind is what it will cost you to keep your current unit vs. what it will cost you to run a new unit.

Because energy costs are less on a new system, Friedman said, "You'll actually be saving more by replacing today. And you'll get a much better warranty."

The last thing you have to keep in mind, he said, is that, "The two things you're really buying are comfort and noise. Those are two big things. Energy efficiency is a byproduct of the two."

What Happens if Replacement is Necessary?

Friedman explained that Arco offers many different models and makes to choose from, and will help you choose the right one following a free in-home consultation.

There is one very important thing you need for a proper replacement, and that's the load calculation. Arco technicians, Friedman said, do the load calculation right at the home during the consultation.

"It takes into account things like windows, the insulation factor, your doors, what you like to set your thermostat at, and what direction your house faces," he said.

This calculation - called Manual J - helps determine the correct size air conditioner that you need for your home. This is important, Friedman said, because, "If it's too small, it's going to run continuously and never be able to satisfy the thermostat."

If it's too big, he continued, it will constantly turn on and off, making you and your family uncomfortable.

While in the home, Friedman said, the technicians can educate you on what options you have to help enhance your indoor air quality. One of those options may be ductless systems.

Friedman said many people often ask how ductless systems work, how efficient they are, and how it helps truly cool different rooms in the home.

"It seems to be a very rapidly growing product," he said, as it allows you to cool additions and bonus rooms, "Rooms you want premium comfort control."

For more information on how Friedman and Arco Comfort Air can help you with all of your AC needs, visit their website: www.goarco.com


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